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Hello 2013…

Hello internets! This year in summary:


Whew! Also thanks to everybody who check in from time to time! I’ve reached over 10,000 hits! Image

It sure isn’t easy keeping in touch with everybody while constantly moving, however, I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of you in this years travels! The others, I’ll be relying on the internet, as all travelers do (Just not in a Marriott). 

The end of 2012 brought the total number of people played for, rise to… 3 MILLION!!! Playing in Canada this summer past was just incredible. It was the second summer we’ve been there. Even though I came nowhere close to my hometown in Newfoundland, I was so grateful to be back in my own country. No matter how long I am away, I love being in Canada (but not in a Marriott). 

I’m looking forward to this year on the road starting with Sunny Florida and back to Toronto for a stint before another whirlwind of US cities to close the year. Stay tuned for dates! I’d love to see familiar faces along the way! Sure I could Skype… just not in a Marriott. Sure I could FaceTime… just not in a Marriott, but you see, I usually stay in Marriotts, so none of that. Why? Their internet is crap! 

Latest test in their hotel in St. Louis rates , as no faster than:
1.22 mbps Download speed
0.51 mbps Upload speed

I’m happy to announce, no more Marriott in the near future until I’m satisfied. (that includes TownePlace Suites, Residence Inn) so please feel free to communicate/work with me through the internet. It works now. 

All the best!




Friends don’t let friends stay at Marriott.

stay tuned… a 2 1/2 year documentation of Marriott internet frustration to follow.


Two years later…

A year later I’m still traveling with WICKED, playing drums to filled houses across North America. I’m very fortunate to be able to meet great musicians in each town, and play with them in our orchestra for the show.

Professionally, I’m grateful for the help I’ve been getting with SABIAN, which everybody knows is simply the best cymbal out there. I’m also happy to end months of testing heads to their limits to find a hands down winner! I put a set of AQUARIAN response 2s on the kit and was simply amazed at their tone and durability.  I thank them for making me part of their roster!

This Aquarian is an AQUARIAN artist. Sweet.

The jury is out on sticks thus far… although…

The journey continues throughout North America! I am presently in Saskatoon, SK in a sweet castle of a hotel (Delta Bessborough) after a string of great engagements in western Canada. I’ll look forward to Austin and Nashville coming up in the fall, but first, a few weeks vacation in my homeland of Newfoundland!

I’ll see you all on the road!



I’m Back!








Hellooo all and thank-you for being interested in what’s going on! As of August, I have finally got my back straightened out. With the patients and unbelievable understanding of my bosses, I am back on tour with Wicked. Right now I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma Playing in a great hall, the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, which I can see out my hotel window.  Some highlight cities so far? Minneapolis is a beautiful city with a city wide bike rental program called Nice Ride. Great music there. I just missed Hey Rosetta at the 7th Street entry, but managed to meet up afterwards for a drink with Josh ‘the slammin-bass player’ Ward. Memphis was a real treat. I FINALLY got to stock up on gear and pick a new china cymbal at MEMPHIS DRUM SHOP.  That’s where I got some of the best help ever in a drum shop. Thanks to Myron Wilson for being so patient with me. If your reading this, the SABIAN paragon ROCKS! That’s the 3rd china cymbal I’ve replaced in 6 months of playing. Incredibly, I have not broken one set of sticks.

The score so far is:

SABIAN china cymbal – 0

Vic Firth extreme 5Bs – 3

To be fair, I’ve played SABIAN all my life and have NEVER broken a cymbal until WICKED. What can I say? This show is china heavy!

Here is a list of some of the next tour cities:
11/17 – 11/28     Tulsa, OK
12/1 – 12/12       Kalamazoo, MI
12/15 – 1/1/11    Indianapolis
1/5 – 1/23/11     Tucson, AZ
1/26 – 2/13        Albuquerque, NM
2/16 – 3/06       San Antonio, TX
3/9 – 4/3           Costa Mesa, CA
4/6 – 4/17         Fresno, CA
4/20 – 5/1         Eugene, OR
5/4 – 5/15         Boise, ID
5/18 – 5/29       Spokane, WA
6/1 – 6/26        Vancouver, BC
6/29 – 7/17       Calgary, AB
7/20 – 8/7        Edmonton, AB
8/10 – 8/21     Saskatoon, SK
8/24 – 9/4      Winnipeg, MB


2010… not so wicked.

It’s been a while since I have updated and, as some of you know, for good reason. Not much has been happening! I’ve been off the road since May trying to heal a disc herniation with crazy sciatica. The plan for now, is to get back on the road August 2nd (thanks to the best employers ever!). I have been receiving lots of moral support and well wishes, without which, this would be unbearable. Thank-you to everybody!

I apologize to any friends I was to meet in various U.S. cities, I’m sure we will catch up on the next pass.

I have been in Newfoundland since the start of this injury, and will probably spend the duration of the rehabilitation here. Here’s to a great 2010 for all of you! I hope that I will be playing for you again before the year is out.

All the best.


A Wicked 2009…

wicked_poster1Hello all from New York City!

I am at the halfway mark of rehearsing with the munchkinland tour of Wicked in NYC. We will be moving to Ft. Myer’s Florida on Feb 21st to proceed with two weeks of teching then to open the show March 12th.

Being in NYC seems normal somehow. I love being here. My colleagues are great people and a wealth of talent and experience. I keep finding myself thinking, thank-you.

Enough of that. Here are the confirmed dates so far:

March 12-29                Fort Myers, FL

March 30-April 19      Birmingham, AL

April 20-May 10          Jacksonville, FL

May 11-May 31             Norfolk, VA

June 1-Jun 21              Indianapolis, IN

June 22-July-12          Memphis, TN

July 13-Aug 9               Tulsa, OK

Aug 10-Aug 30             Austin, TX

More to come so stay tuned!



Drums! Wicked!

Man! It’s been a while. The summer production of Stompin Tom was a blast. We especially had a great time hanging out making new friends in Prince Edward Island at the Mack. The cast, the crew, and all the folks from the orchestra, band, other casts and the Confederation Centre were just incredible. It was an honor.  Thank-you very much!

It’s been a whiz-bang Fall with returning to Toronto Dance Theatre and the school as their accompanist, while playing in Crow’s Theatre and Mamilian Diving Reflex’s production of [boxhead] at the Buddies in Bad Times. I also had a blast playing drums and trading fours with Richard Stoltzman on clarinet as part of the K-W Symphony. What a player!

I am presently packing up my apartment in Toronto, preparing to head on the road for one year. From the last week of February 2009 until the same time 2010, I will be the drummer for the second national tour of Wicked. I’m finishing my last engagements with Esprit KWS and TDT before heading back to Newfoundland to practice until the tour starts.



The man. 

Here’s the plan for the next 8 months. Come visit!

April 21 – May 31  Drayton Festival Theatre, Drayton, Ontario

June 4  –  June 22 King’s Wharf Theatre, Penetanguishene, Ontario

June 23 – Sept 20th David Mackenzie Theatre (The Mack), Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island  

Sept 22 – Mid November Prep begins for the hit smash wiz bang theatre show by Darren O’Donnell
Boxhead, Toronto, Ontario


fall in Toronto….


The ballad of Stompin’ Tom had a great run in Blyth. It was great to be back where we first played the show. My sincere thank-yous to the AMAZING cast and both crews this summer. It was an honour. Check out the pics!

In other news, this fall I’ll be taking over as the main accompanist at the Toronto Dance Theatre! I’m looking forward to collaborating on some great classes.


a new era?

St. John’s harbour
macbook proSt. John’s

Today I received my new Macbook pro! Let the games begin! I no longer have excuses not to update this sight regularly, although until I get back to Toronto and access my pictures on my other mac, the flickr photo site will have to wait for the Fabulous 1000 Island photos that I took. So for now, I’ll start posting Newfoundland photos.

The 1000 Islands Playhouse production of the Ballad of Stompin’ Tom was a great success and a fantastic time. Thanks to all the staff, crew and cast for a fabulous experience! We got to stay at “the compound” a forested area with various cabins located on a finger of land that dips into the beautiful St. Lawrence seaway, complete with private dock and sandy beach. Witnessing springtime in such a setting, surrounded with beauty, wonderful people and contributing to a great show was truely a breathtaking experience.

Now I find myself in Newfoundland, hanging with great friends and looking forward to seeing more. Next week I head to Stephenville to visit my family and then back to St. John’s for my fathers 70th birthday celebration and a gig playing the finale of Festival 500.

I’ll be back in Toronto July 16th, ready to play for the Toronto Dance Theatre’s summer school program, the National Ballet School, and attending the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival with The Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan.

Enjoy the pictures as the next three weeks brings forth more and more tales from Newfoundland. The pictures from 1000 island playhouse will surely be posted about the third week of July…. stay tuned!


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